Howdy loyal readers (and traitorous bastards as well)–

First of all, thank you for joining us here, and a special double super thanks to those of you whoe have linked to us or mentioned us to friends or subscribed or joined the mailing list. It’s been a great first month, and it’s all thanks to you guys. And just FYI, we’re working considerably ahead of schedule, so there’ll be uninterrupted Registered Weapon goodness for months and hopefully years to come.

Here’s a small token of appreciation for reading: two brand-new wallpapers to adorn your desktop. One is a look at an alternate-universe RW video game, and the other utilizes our first T-shirt design.

What’s that? T-shirts, you say? We’ve had a few requests for t-shirts, mainly from my mom, so we thought we’d go ahead and whip up a design. But here’s the conundrum: Do we go with a print-on-demand service like CafePress or Zazzle? Or do we screenprint a batch of shirts and hope we sell them? The upside to POD, for us, is that it doesn’t cost us anything; the downside is that the shirts are more expensive for you. We would love to do a run of professionally screenprinted t-shirts, but screenprinting outfits require minimum orders and such, so for it to be cost-effective we need to know how many people, if any, are actually interested in adorning their chests with Frank and FELIX.

We’re not asking you to send money, and this isn’t a binding contract or anything, but here’s the question: Would you maybe be interested in buying a T-shirt utilizing the design below for around $15, sometime in the near future? If the answer is “YES!” please email us at registeredweaponATgmailDOTcom and say so, and also let us know what size/color you would prefer, were such a shirt to be offered. Thanks!