Greeting Weaponeers!

The elusive Dave Lentz (hint: he draws this comic) will be making his initial 2009 comic-con circuit appearance next weekend at the Pittsburgh Comicon. For a small fee (possibly just effusive praise of his RW skillz but I doubt it), Dave will be sketching whatever your geeky heart desires. Han Solo shooting the Green Goblin first…done. Felix on a date with female Ultron…easy. George Perez-like superhero panoramas of capes, space and violence…get in line early.

My personal sketch suggestion…Troll from Youngblood. But anything from the Liefeldverse will do.

If you plan on attending the con, please stop by booths 100-103. Look for the RW banner with the tattooed dude underneath. He’ll have plenty of RW collections on sale for $10, which includes a signature and maybe a quick Frank or Felix sketch if he’s inspired.