Hi! Welcome to Registered Weapon, if this is your first time. Regular readers will know that we usually run the Police Blotter feature on Thursdays, but since Mr. Chris Sims offered up a tremendously kind review yesterday, we thought we’d leave the latest chapter of “Charles Liu” up top so newcomers can enjoy the great art of Dave and Rob.

As advertised, Registered Weapon is the story of Frank Gorman, a loose-cannon homicide detective in the mold of Martin Riggs or Vic Mackey, and his new partner FELIX, an adorable robot in the mold of an old-timey cash register. We recommend you start at the beginning and continue on to the first case, “Joseph Alphonse,” in which the discovery of a handless, footless, headless body leads to an epic journey through Los Angeles, complete with talking camels, mad scientists, weaponized massagers and mild hallucinogens. In the current case, “Charles Liu,” the murder of a delivery boy hits home for Frank. You know what that means–This Time It’s Personal.

If you like what you see and you live in the Pittsburgh area, come out to the Pittsburgh Comicon this Saturday, September 12–artist extraordinaire Dave Lentz will be there, sketching anything your heart desires and selling copies of our first book. Dave’ll be at booth 101, right next to Mumblepuss creator Jamie Fickes (and buy his book too, while you’re at it!). We don’t know exactly where that is on the con floor, but we highly recommend you walk around shouting “Dave! DAAAAAAVVVVEEEE!” until you find it.

Ah, you know what, you guys have been good, so here’s a taste of the Police Blotter that would have been:


An attempted suicide was reported at the La Brea Tar Pits on Tuesday. A man started walking into the largest pit when employees and visitors triedĀ stopped him. “This dude was stone-cold crazy-ass-crazy,” said Jamal Rodriguez, a witness. “He had this suit on him like an alien beekeeper or something.” Another witness described the man’s attire as “like aluminum foil, but, like, rubber.” The unknown man grew irate as the crowd gathered to block his entrance to the pit. He argued the tar would slide off his suit “like polysyllabic words sliding off your reality-television, Us-Weekly, Blazin’-Buffalo-&-Ranch-Doritos minds.” Upon hearing police sirens in the distance, the man abandoned his attempt to enter the tar pit and hid behind the restrooms. As officers approached the restrooms, the man threw a number of smokebombs at them and escaped in the ensuing confusion. The reasons for the man’s actions were unknown, though Rodriguez said he heard him muttering the words “dinosaur eggs.”


Thanks for reading! See you tomorrow for Episode 30 of “Charles Liu.”