Greetings Weaponeers-

It’s been a little quiet at RW HQ lately. Too quiet actually. After the frenetic posting schedule of our first few years, 2011 could be considered sparse, although I think some of our best comics were released this year. But the slow schedule didn’t stop us from being honored by Paste Magazine as one of 2011’s Top Ten Webcomics. Just being mentioned in that list of all those amazing webcomics (Kevin Church and Ming Doyle’s The Loneliest Astronauts being a personal fave of mine) is humbling for our little buddy cop comic over here. And we’re already working hard to make the list in 2012, which brings us to our infodump of HUGE announcements.

First, if the art above wasn’t obvious enough, Dave Lentz and Rob Simmons are back to document the adventures of Frank, FELIX and the whole gang. They took a sabbatical to follow around a bunch of death metal bands that no one has heard about except for Satanists and mathletes. But now they’re back. Refreshed, energized and ready to draw the hell out of some cartoon cop mayhem. Everyone give a nice round of applause to these dudes. We’re happy to be one big family unit again.

Second, if the art above wasn’t obvious enough, Registered Weapon: Career Day is imminent. What the heck is Career Day? It’s another self-contained, 8-page story, similar to Date Night, that sheds some light on what Frank and Felix are doing when they’re not chasing down killers. Dave and Rob sunk their pencil-y teeth into this story with exuberance and alacrity. You guys are going to love it. Just look at the gorgeous cover (NOTE: Felix is not shoved into a locker by Frank in the actual story. Sorry. Unfortunately, we thought of the idea after the pages were drawn.) Still, that’s an awesome cover. Career Day should drop into your hands in mid- to late-January. We’ll be hyping the exact date soon.

Third, if the art above wasn’t obvious enough, due to popular demand, the Police Blotter is coming back! Seriously though, we’re bringing it back just because people fricking love it. The site has more links back to and page traffic for random Police Blotters than any other content. Who knew? Seriously, I had no idea until the pattern emerged. So all of you Police Blotter fans out there…message received.

Fourth, if the art…forget it…fourth, Case 6 is coming soon. We’re so excited to finally return to¬†the familiar rhythm of a police procedural and the giant, over-arching¬† story that has been building during the previous five cases. I don’t want to give too much away but I do have an intriguing piece of art to share:

Registered Weapon 2099

Has Registered Weapon been DC Nu-52’d? Have Frank and FELIX been replaced by a new pair of detectives, Law & Order-style? Check out the teaser in Career Day for the first clue. I will say that Case 6 picks up just a few days after Frank’s epiphany at the conclusion of Case 5.

In the meantime, we suggest brushing up on RW continuity by revisiting the old cases again. Just click on the links in the Casefiles menu on the right and burn away that sluggish morning at work in no time.

Also, just a few thanks to make here. Big shoutouts to the guest artists who drew some wonderful RW comics this year. Clayton Johnston drew the hilarious Date Night (if haven’t read it, do it now. NOW!), which features the best TATM moment of the year. Check out his work at Krakadoom. He’s a great FOC (Friend of the Comic) and we look forward to working together again. As for President’s Day, would you believe that was an 8-page script when we gave it to Will Harris? That dude loves to draw people talking and he expanded the boundaries of that story in ways that we are all thankful for now. You can read President’s Day in one complete epic package here. And, finally, we’d like to thank all of the Weaponeers in Weaponland for their support. We’re excited for 2012 and we know you guys will be too once the comics start rolling again.

See ya soon,


P.S. Awesome Hospital totally belonged on Paste’s best of 2011 list. Sims, Bowers and Diggs killed it this year with the Awesome Hospital Forever storyline.