In case you haven’t heard, a 340-ton rock did just make its way from Riverside to LACMA, and it is pretty awesome. Nobody vandalize it, please.

Also in case you haven’t heard, the new 9-page story REGISTERED WEAPON: CAREER DAY is available for download in PDF, CBZ and schmancy iBooks formats:

Registered Weapon: Career Day (PDF)

Registered Weapon: Career Day (CBZ)

Registered Weapon: Career Day (iBooks) (for iPad only; download to your computer, then open in iTunes and sync to your iPad, or email it to yourself and open from Mail on your iPad)

But just in case you don’t like downloading stuff, we’re going to run Career Day one page a day for the next two weeks, starting tomorrow, right here. Dave and Rob’s art is too good to hide behind a download link!

Speaking of said great art, you can now buy Dave’s original pencils from the story. The perfect gift for you or a loved one!

And finally, the indispensable Fleen alerted us to a very cool-looking new way to keep track of your favorite webcomics, Just the First Frame. We hope to be adding RW to their impressive list of comics shortly.