This is the greatest news story ever. I love everything about this dog.

Tomorrow: the final page of Career Day. Or if you don’t want to wait:


Registered Weapon: Career Day (PDF)

Registered Weapon: Career Day (CBZ)

Registered Weapon: Career Day (iBooks) (for iPad only; download to your computer, then open in iTunes and sync to your iPad, or email it to yourself and open from Mail on your iPad)

Story by Gardner Linn & Chris Thorn
Art by Dave Lentz & Rob Simmons

Frank and FELIX have taken on psychotic murderers, lawless gangs, crazy old grannies and talking animals, but now they’re facing their most terrifying adversaries yet: fifth graders. School’s in session in this all-new 9-page story, available in PDF, CBZ, and the new iBooks format for your iPad!

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