REGISTERED WEAPON CASE 006 hits the digital streets on November 12, one week from today–so that means you have a week to get caught up on Cases 001-005. Today: a look back at Case 001 (and mini-Case 000)

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THE CASE: The discovery of a handless, headless and footless body in a playground leads Frank and FELIX on a race against time from downtown to LAX to catch the killer. Featuring mild hallucinogens, a talking camel, and a crazy old lady on an airplane. Plus: Dr. Elvis begins his quest to exact financial retribution on Frank.

FIRST APPEARANCES: Frank Gorman, FELIX, Rotunda Love, Kirsten Sienega, Dr. Elvis, The Camel


- The first meeting of Frank and FELIX

- Frank and Felix investigate their first case together

- A camel chase through LAX

- FELIX visits his little-seen support group

A NOTE ABOUT LETTERING: You may notice a marked shift in lettering around Episode 30; this is because we’re going back and relettering the earlier cases to bring them up to our current standards, and that’s as far as we’ve gotten so far. Please excuse our mess–it’s a slow process, and making new comics is the priority.

DID YOU KNOW? You can read the first 22 pages of Case 001 in PDF form at DriveThru Comics, or in this fancy Graphicly app: