Case 006 is just four days away–so get ready by catching up on Case 004! If you read just one case before Case 006 starts, this is the one.

THE CASE: It’s the night of the LAPD’s annual Policeman’s Ball, and Frank, FELIX, Kirsten, TATM and the whole gang are just looking for a fun, crime-free night. But murder is just waiting for a chance to crash the party

This is the case that changes everything.

FIRST APPEARANCES: Judith Nimitz, Paul Hammerlocke, Chase Worthy, Prehistoric Johnny


- A brutal dance contest divides friends

- Murder crosses the thin blue line

- Black light attack!

- A bloody cufflink emerges from decades of secrecy

- A certain pompous someone mentions R.J. Banner…

- The Brawl at the Ball!

- Frank and FELIX see clues of a larger conspiracy