It is official! We’re returning to the mean streets that birthed us to hustle our wares. The Registered Weapon team (or, at the minimum, 25 percent of it) is exhibiting at Fluke 2013 on April 6th in Athens, Georgia . Gardner and I went to college in Athens and we have both spent many drunken nights at the 4o Watt where the show is being held (RW Trivia about the 40 Watt: During a J. Mascis and The Fog show, as he shredded The Wagon, one of us may have puked all over the back of someone’s corduroy pants and walked off before the dude realized it…but that was many years ago and time heals all wounds and bar stains). I’m excited to finally be able to attend this show, which I hear is great from both exhibitors and attendees alike.  The previous two years some ridiculous stuff prevented me from going…like finishing my masters coursework or attending the birth of my daughter. But those obstacles are in the past. And Fluke is in the future. We don’t know what we’re bringing yet or how much of it or anything really other than we’ll be there. More details to come.

See you there,


For info on the show, go here: