How to boost the referencing of your website ?

The natural SEO of a website allows it to increase its visibility and its positioning in the results of search engines. Having a good SEO is a great way to get more visibility on your website and thus generate more traffic. Here are some ideas to boost your website’s SEO. Adopt responsive design This is also known as an “adaptive website”. It is a technique for developing a website that adapts to the type of device the user is using to connect. It is a technology that easily i... Read more

Methods to generate more visitors to a website

Having a website is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to digital marketing. Generating a lot of traffic that is constantly increasing is a long term but very important job. Here are some tips you can use to increase visitors to your website Make regular posts It is important to maintain a regular rhythm of publication on your blog or website. For a start, you can opt for a frequency of two publications per week. This tip can be found on and will allow y... Read more

How to choose your photographic equipment ?

Photography, like any other discipline, requires a minimum investment. If you are getting into this discipline and you don’t know how to go about it. In the rest of this article, you will find ideas to help you choose your first equipment. Ergonomics: for a proper grip This is a crucial point that should not be neglected under any circumstances when you start photography. The camera must be practical and efficient to allow you to handle it well. Then you have to take into account a practic... Read more

Why should you choose offshore web hosting?

Creating a website requires hosting. But not all web hosts provide the same services. Since some sites make freedom their priority. In this case, they look for web hosts that can offer them this service. One such host that offers quite interesting services is offshore web hosting. Why choose offshore web hosting? Read this article if you want to know the advantages of this web hosting. What is offshore web hosting? Offshore web hosting is a process that consists of hosting a website in another c... Read more

Trendy haircuts in 2021

The world of fashion undergoes changes and innovations according to the seasons and many other factors. But the most interesting thing about this world is that there are some timeless styles that come back to life over the years. This is the case with certain hairstyles that are emerging or resurfacing nowadays. So what hairstyles are trending in 2021? The bob haircut The bobbed haircut has been in vogue for several seasons now. You can find confirmation here Read more

Iceland prepares for a possible volcanic eruption

Data from the Icelandic Meteorological Office shows that the area around Iceland has suffered more than 17,000 earthquakes in the past week. The largest tremor that scared citizens of nearby Reykjavik, one of the biggest cities in Iceland, measured up to 5.6 on the Richter scale.  Luckily, the tremors have caused minimal damage so far to Iceland, with roads suffering the most damage.  Iceland has never experienced many earthquakes in a row  Although the residents of Iceland are used to earthquak... Read more

Rare Churchill painting sells for more than $11 million

The tower of Koutoubia Mosque, a painting that was created by the former prime minister of Britain, Winston Churchill, was recently sold by the Jolie Foundation for more than $11 million. The art is the only painting that was created by Winston Churchill during the second world war.  The painting was gifted to the former president of America, Franklin Roosevelt, and made its way to Angelina Jolie after her former husband Brad Pitt gifted it to her. The painting features a sunset in Marrakech, Mo... Read more

Germany officially places far-right group under surveillance

The far-right group, Alternative for Germany (AFD) is currently on Germany’s BfV domestic intelligence suspicion list. BFV is investigating the group as a possible threat to Germany’s independence.  The AFD, popularly known for its anti-immigration stance, is growing strong roots in Germany’s Parliament and political class. The political group has frequently been likened to the Nazi group that was responsible for the second world war.  The group became popular because of German... Read more

Johnson & Johnson gets FDA approval in the United States

The Johnson & Johnson vaccine has finally received approval from the food and drug administration (FDA) for use as a third vaccine option in the United States. Reaction to the news has been mixed because of its 69% efficacy against the coronavirus.  The vaccine is one of the first coronavirus vaccine options that can be applied in a single shot. Moderna and Pfizer-Biotech require two doses to be administered.   The director of the CDC has also approved the Johnson & Johnson vaccine for u... Read more

Exxon sues Australian gas company

Due to the energy blackout that ravaged Texas a month ago, ExxonMobil Corp has taken Australia’s Macquarie Energy to court for allegedly not fulfilling its part of a contract.  According to the lawsuit, Exxon was unable to meet up the demand because of the snowstorm that swept through Texas, which made the company fail to fulfill its part in a contract with Macquarie energy gas company. If the court rules in favor of Exxon, the company will not be liable for damages that are worth $11.7 million.... Read more


Video marketing: why should you use it ?

One of the major assets of companies that take advantage of digital tools is video marketing. Its accessibility, its impact and its quality make it an interesting way to generate more traffic and improve its referencing. But apart from that, video marketing has several other advantages. Video marketing for sales Video is now popular to discover an offer. As published here, it becomes the best way for Internet users to learn about the quality of a product or service, to see the conformity with th...