Los Angeles. The City of Angels. La-La Land. Hollyweird. The home of the most beautiful people in the world and the worst scum on earth. Detective Frank Gorman walks LA’s boulevards of broken dreams every day, and as far he’s concerned, he’s the only man who can keep this urban cesspool from boiling over and killing itself. But now he’s getting the help he never wanted, in the form of FELIX, a crimefighting robot who used to be a cash register. Together they’ll save this city, if they don’t destroy it themselves.

Registered Weapon, written by Gardner Linn & Chris Thorn and illustrated by Dave Lentz & Rob Simmons, premiered on January 12, 2009. New episodes run every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. The Police Blotter bonus feature updates every Thursday.

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Frank Gorman

Frank Gorman in 1990

Det. Frank Gorman is a 20-year veteran of the Los Angeles Police Department’s Central Division. He’s spent the last 15 in Homicide, racking up the most impressive record on the force. He loves: Wild Turkey, cigars, Chinese food, and beating confessions out of suspects. He hates: crime, robots and you. His old partner died on the job recently, and since then he’s become even more violent and antisocial than usual; Lt. Love thinks that FELIX will help bring him back around.

First Appearance: The Beginning: Episode 1

FELIX Det. FELIX (Farthing Electronics model 59) is a recent addition to Central Homicide. His crimefighting career began when he was a mere cash register at Baghdikian Liquor & Grocery in Echo Park; tired of the constant robberies, he mustered up the gumption to push himself off the counter and onto a criminal’s foot. Prominent roboticist Dr. Julius Farthing witnessed this act of heroism, and turned the register into the world’s most advanced mobile, sentient forensics lab. FELIX started at Central in Petty Crimes, but his excellent work soon caught the attention of his superiors.

First Appearance: The Beginning: Episode 2

Rotunda Love Lt. Rotunda Love is Frank and FELIX’s shift commander. She’s a legend in Central for her exploits as a vice detective in the 80s; now she’s best known as an unbeatable staring-contest champion, and the only person in the division who’s not afraid of Frank Gorman.

First Appearance: The Beginning: Episode 3

Kirsten Sienega Officer Kirsten Sienega is a beat cop in Central. Her dad, brother and grandfather were all cops, and she went into the family business despite their objections. She’s a great cop with a detective’s instincts, and she hopes to eventually make detective herself. She was a track star in college and can run down any perp, no matter how cranked up he is on meth.

First Appearance: Joseph Alphonse: Episode 6

Dr. Elvis Dr. Johannes Ludovico Elvis, Ph.D. is a brilliant–some might say “mad”–scientist with designs on ruling Los Angeles and maybe, someday, the world. The only thing more prodigious than his intellect is his ego, which is the main reason all his nefarious plans have failed so far. He crossed paths with Frank and FELIX when the latter dented the door of Dr. Elvis’s beloved Smart Car, an act that will (probably) not go unpunished.

First Appearance: Joseph Alphonse: Episode 12


Born in the same backwater town as the “world-renowned rock band” Live, Dave Lentz graduated from The Art Institute of York in 2005. A lifelong comic fan, he decided to try his hand in self-publishing. After no critical acclaim for his comic Have Fun In Hell, he decided to try his luck in the world of freelance. He then partnered with Gardner Linn & Chris Thorn to create Registered Weapon. Dave is the creator of 72 kinds of awesome and holds the Guinness World Record in that category. He lives in York, PA with his hellhound dog. He still wants a bowel disruptor for X-Mas but will have to make do with karate-chopping people in the colon. Be afraid.
Award-winning writer* Gardner Linn met writing partner Chris Thorn at the University of Georgia, but after graduation he moved to Los Angeles, where he still lives and works as a reality-TV story producer. His credits include such shows as America’s Next Top Model, Ice Road Truckers, Ax Men, The Chef Jeff Project and, most recently, T.I.’s Road to Redemption. He has written reviews and features for Flagpole, Swindle, The Georgia Review and Open Letters Monthly. In addition to Registered Weapon, Gardner writes and illustrates the webcomic Lil’ Gardner & Robot Jesus, and he occasionally updates his blog, The Gardner Linn Fan Club.

*The short film Winter’s Tale, which Gardner co-wrote, won Best Dark Fantasy at the 2008 Dragon*Con Independent Film Festival, and that’s at least as good as winning a Grammy.

Chris Thorn puts fingers to keyboards often, whether at work (too boring to link here unless you love reading about tall buildings and vacancy rates), at home (too little stories, too many people desperate to publish them…or is that backwards) or just calling the local pizza dude for dinner. Currently, the University of Georgia graduate resides in Atlanta and spends way too much time interacting with people he made up. Registered Weapon is the first project between Gardner, Chris and Dave to light up monitors across the globe, although there is an entire library lurking on their hard drives arguing to be next.
After graduating from the Art Institute of York in December of 2004 and a string of poorly chosen “graphic design” jobs, Rob Simmons moved to Wisconsin to try his hand at design again. After two and a half years of succubi and sign-making, he moved back to his hometown of Baltimore, Maryland. He spends his days schlepping boxes at a hospital warehouse and his nights slaving over intricate pencil work and the inks for Registered Weapon.

Rob joined the RW team with Charles Liu: Episode 16. He also illustrates the Race Baño stories.