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Registered Weapon is the story of LA’s toughest homicide detective, Frank Gorman, and his new partner FELIX, a robotic cash register. So basically, it’s Tango & Cash Register. We’ve been operational as a webcomic since 2009, and there’s a full archive of over 250 pages of Frank & FELIX’s cases, plus dozens of extras, available for exploring in the Casefiles.

But to get you started, here are a few stories you can download to your iPad, Kindle, or anything else that can read a PDF–or, for you Comical fans, we’ve got CBZ versions as well. Enjoy, and thanks for reading!


by Gardner Linn, Chris Thorn & Dave Lentz

RW #1 BNAT Edition

This is where it all started: the first 22 pages of Registered Weapon, completely remastered and relettered and available to download exclusively for BNAT guests! THRILL as Frank and FELIX meet for the first time! GASP in horror as they discover a grisly crime scene! SCRATCH your head in befuddlement at the mysterious Dr. Elvis!

And when you finish it, come on back and read the rest of the story right here.

Registered Weapon #1: BNAT13Wolf Edition (PDF)

Registered Weapon #1: BNAT13Wolf Edition (CBZ)



by Gardner, Chris & Will Harris

President's Day

When President Obama visits Los Angeles, Frank & FELIX and their fellow officers deal with traffic jams, stone-cold whodunnits, furry costumes, medical emergencies and shameful family secrets…and is Frank Gorman a threat to national security? Find out in this self-contained 24-page story!

Registered Weapon: President’s Day (PDF)

Registered Weapon: President’s Day (CBZ)



by Gardner, Chris & Clayton Johnston

When the men, women and automatons of the LAPD set each other up on blind dates, will they get arrested by Cupid, or spend another lonely night in solitary confinement? Romance and robots in a special 8-page story!

Registered Weapon: Date Night (PDF)

Registered Weapon: Date Night (CBZ)

There you have it. Remember to check out the Casefiles for Frank & FELIX’s complete adventures, and check back in the New Year for the brand-new story “Career Day,” and soon after that the beginning of Case 6. Stay up to date by subscribing to the RSS feed, or follow FELIX and TATM on Twitter. Now stop reading these silly comics and get back to your movies.