Welcome to an all-new Registered Weapon case! This one starts with an eight-page flashback to 1990, before we jump 20 years back to the present to catch up on the fallout from the Policeman’s Ball and meet our latest victim. As you can tell, Dave and Rob are doing a killer job noir-ing up this prologue.

As you can probably also tell, the whole site’s gotten a facelift. As much as we love the classic RW look, we thought it was time for something a little cleaner and simpler (and faster to load). Big big thanks to the great Brady Seitz for the new logo, and for the amazing job he did on RW Classic.

We’ve also finally upgraded to ComicPress 2.9, and with that comes some new features that should make navigating the site a little easier. In particular, the “Next in Case” and “Prev in Case” buttons under the comic will let you read straight through a case without being interrupted by Police Blotters and such–or, if you’re so inclined, you can read all the Blotters without getting bogged down in the comics. Win-win! The various Cases, Blotters and bonuses are also easily accessible on the right sidebar, and, of course, the Casefiles page offers direct links to every page in the archive.

Consider this latest site upgrade a Beta version–we’ll still be tweaking it over the next week or so. Feel free to let us know what works and (more likely) what doesn’t work. And come back on Wednesday for the second page of Case 005.