Weekend review of decent places to go in Los Angeles (Dr. Elvis would probably hit these joints; Frank, not so much):

COBRAS & MATADORS (Los Feliz version) – Before Saturday I was probably the only person in LA not to have been to one of the C&M locations, but it’s still worth a mention. It’s a tapas place, and everything I had was really tasty, especially the bacon-wrapped dates, the bacon-wrapped prawns (a theme develops…) and the sangria (both traditional red and a refreshing white, which a friend described as something you’d drink after mowing the lawn). Biggest downside is that it’s crazy expensive, so if your party is more than three or four people you’re paying for way more than you’re getting. Those prawns are crazy delicious, though.

EDENDALE GRILL – A kinda swanky, semi-hipstery restaurant and bar in a beautiful converted firehouse in an out-of-the-way corner of Silver Lake. It really is a gorgeous place, and though it was pretty stifling inside at the bar, there is ample patio dining space. Can’t speak for the food, but the bartender mixed up a Constant Gardner real nice, which means the bar meets all my criteria. (The Constant Gardner is bourbon & ginger ale; Maker’s Mark is the official sponsor of the CG but I actually kind of prefer Wild Turkey. A lemon wedge adds the perfect finishing touch. If you can find it, Blenheim’s is the ideal ginger ale.)