Hey guys-

Out of all the t-shirts I own, my Drunk Elephant shirt  (Hank raising a glass to his friends) generates more compliments, looks, inquisitive stares and conversation than any other shirt I own. That’s the power of Drunk Elephant Comics, which I wanted to point out is ending today.  That webcomic, by our buddy Max Riffner, has a great cast and it easily blasted through the confines of being set in a local dive bar into wherever Max wanted to take it. I’m going to miss the adventures of Hank, Kacy, Marty and my personal favorite character Loan Bot. That guy is comedy gold. In fact, we may have missed one of the great crossover opportunties: TATM hearts Loan Bot. She’d definitely enjoy the blunt charms of that man-eating hunk of metal.

So here’s to all of your hard work Max!

If you want to check out more of Max’s work, he’s currently illustrating the Signs & Meanings from Agreeable Comics.  And you can see Max’s Registered Weapon guest strip here.