Here’s a treat: I was rummaging through a box of pulp detective magazines at Sideshow Books in west LA and came across a 1941 issue of Real Detective with a familiar-sounding name on the cover. I took it home and read it and discovered that Frank isn’t the only Gorman to have his crime-solving exploits immortalized. Turns out his grandfather “Gorgeous” Francis Gorman was a fairly well-known private eye back in the forties, and inspired a series of hard-boiled mysteries by a writer named Donald Carroway (which may have even been a pseudonym for Gorman himself).

Carroway’s “Gorgeous Gorman” stories aren’t much remembered these days, so we’re glad to have the chance to share one with you. We’ll be posting a new page every Thursday for the next few weeks (yes, this one was a week and a day late). Enjoy!