Spent the weekend indoors, trying to escape the brutal LA heat. So while I worked on RW, I also got caught up on some of the new shows that premiered last week:

HAWAII FIVE-0 – I think my favorite moment of any new show this season was the blink-and-you’ll-miss-it stunt where Alex O’Laughlin slides across the trunk of a stopped car to avoid getting hit by another car slamming into it from behind. If it was CGI-assisted, it’s still a very impressive little bit of filmmaking; if it was a live stunt, it’s pretty astounding.

LONE STAR – Probably the best new network show of the season, though apparently if enough people don’t watch it tonight, it’s getting axed. That seems crazy to me–it’s the least-hyped show in a very competitive timeslot, the biggest star is Jon Voight in a supporting role, and it’s purely serial, which is usually the kind of thing that takes a few episodes to really get into. But, you know, there are reasons I’m not a network executive. Anyway, it’s totally worth watching, even though the pilot really overdoes it with the bittersweet indie-rock soundtrack. I mean, it’s mostly good songs, but when they pop up in every scene, the impact is lost a bit. Jonathan Fire*Eater’s “When the Curtain Calls for You” is a lost classic, a fantastic song that would absolutely kill in the right context in a movie or TV show, but it’s pretty much wasted here.

THE EVENT – One of the shows that Lone Star is up against; it’s definitely engaging–it practically grabs you by the shoulders and shouts “pay attention to me!”–but the pilot is basically a 40-minute commercial for itself. In interviews, everybody involved keeps swearing that questions will be answered in a timely fashion (i.e. not on the Lost timetable), but it doesn’t matter how many questions you answer if nobody cares who’s asking–one thing Lost absolutely got right was taking the time to get to know the characters, so that the insane questions about what was going on with the island actually mattered; the answers affected people you cared about. Right now there’s not a lot to care about in The Event, though I’m enough of a sucker for this kind of stuff that I hope they can pull it off.


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