Here it is, kids, the final episode of the Joseph Alphonse case. That nutty Dr. Elvis has no idea what he’s in for.

Thank you so much for reading. Whether you comment, link to us or just read and enjoy, it means a lot. And I think the best way we can say thanks is to bring you even more Registered Weapon every week. Starting Monday, July 6, we’ll be increasing the frequency to FOUR TIMES A WEEK: new comics on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and a special bonus feature on Thursdays. We’ll have more info on that and a few other big announcements next week, as we bring you five days of previews and other goodies before the next case starts.

And while we’re at it, join me for a big virtual round of applause for the man with the golden pencil, Dave Lentz. A little bit of luck and internet magic brought the RW team together, and Dave has made the dumb idea Chris and I had one night after too many hot wings look better than we could have ever imagined. Best of luck with the stabbing today, Dave, and if you develop superpowers please use them for good.

So, to recap:
1. Dave is awesome.
2. Previews, bonus stuff and special announcements will run all next week, June 29-July 3.
3. Case #2 begins Monday, July 6, with updates four times a week.