As NBC’s late-night wars heat up, we here at Registered Weapon would like to declare our allegiance to Team CoCo. If all Conan O’Brien had ever done in his life was write the monorail episode of The Simpsons, he would be assured a place in comedy heaven. But in addition to that triumph, he has brought the world sixteen years and counting of amazing comedy and forever ruined my sleep schedule. From the Masturbating Bear to Cody Devereaux, he is the comedy pinata that will never stop spewing forth its hilarious guts. However this whole mess shakes out, CoCo, know that you have our unending support.

(Gardner spent a really long time the other day drawing Conan’s hair in the hopes of making T-shirts, but when he went online after finishing it he discovered that the great I’m With CoCo by Mike Mitchell had already become the go-to Conan support image (and deservedly so). Oh well. An hour in internet time is like a week in real time. We post the image here for your amusement anyway. He really did put a lot of effort into drawing that hair.)