A few things:

1. You think crymearyer@gmail.com is a real working email address? Only one way to find out. And speaking of TATM’s weird robot brain, did you know she has a Twitter account? And she thinks Twitter is a place to discuss birds?

2. The brand-new RW short “Career Day” is still free and still available–Rob made a super-fancy iBooks version for your iPad, so check that mess out! Download it now!

Registered Weapon: Career Day (PDF)

Registered Weapon: Career Day (CBZ)

Registered Weapon: Career Day (iBooks) (for iPad only; download to your computer, then open in iTunes and sync to your iPad, or email it to yourself and open from Mail on your iPad)

3. As promised on Monday, and as you might have already heard if you read our Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr, we have another big announcement: Registered Weapon is now on Graphicly! In case you’re not familiar with Graphicly, it’s a digital comics store/platform/app that lets you read and share comics across a wide range of devices. You can take RW on your phone, or even embed it in your own blog! Right now we’re offering a free 22-page preview of Case 001, completely remastered, relettered and even rewritten in a few places, but our goal is to make all current and future RW stories available on Graphicly. Hey, why not check it out right here: