Hey everybody–if you like murder mysteries and hilarity (and clearly you do, if you’re here), then you should definitely check out Derrick Comedy’s Mystery Team. It’s like if Encyclopedia Brown got caught in the middle of a Law & Order: SVU episode, and it is awesome. Derrick Comedy is a New York-based comedy troupe featuring Donald Glover, whom you may know as Troy on NBC’s Community. (Actually, like half the casts of NBC’s various comedy franchises show up in this thing: Aubrey Plaza from Parks & Rec, Lutz and DotCom from 30 Rock, Ellie Kemper from The Office, Bobby Moynihan from SNL…Derrick Comedy apparently got their start in the NY Upright Citizens Brigade theatre and stocked the movie with their pals from the scene, making it pretty conclusive proof that UCB is the unofficial NBC comedy farm team.)

Um, so apparently if you don’t go see Mystery Team at the Nuart in LA today or tomorrow, you’re not going to see it in a theatre. But I guess you can go to the website and demand that it come to your town, or order the DVD. It’s worth the effort.