If you’ve been following the RW team on Twitter, you might have heard rumblings about some crazy giant fight scene coming up in the Policeman’s Ball case. While we can neither confirm nor deny such rumblings, we can tell you that on Monday, May 3, your brain is going to be cracked in half by the insanely awesome thing we’ll be posting right here. Dave and Rob have gone above and beyond to bring you this glorious installment of RW, so to give them a chance to recover, this week and next week there’ll be two episodes per week instead of three. Don’t worry, the MWThF schedule will still hold–you got the first half of 25 on Monday, and now here’s the full thing. Tomorrow there’s a new Police Blotter, then 26 on Friday, 27 next Monday, 28 Wednesday, Blotter Thursday, surprise on Friday, and then on Monday, May 3, the Mother of All Updates. Trust us, it’ll be worth it.

p.s. That Oscar guy in panel 4 looks awfully familiar