For the final installment of RW Firsts week, writers Chris & Gardner are joined by artist Max Riffner for the first (and unfortunately not the last) of TATM’s many run-ins with a public that simply does not understand her. If you’re not familiar with Max’s work, you really oughtta be: he’s the brains behind the hilarious Drunk Elephant Comics, and, along with writer Kevin Church, brought the workplace comedy Lydia to life–which, by the way, will soon be available in print form with a brand-new bonus story by Kevin and Max. I picked up my copy at Comic-Con, so trust me when I say that I have first-hand evidence that it is awesome.

MONDAY: Case 005 finally starts, and with it, a new look and a new era for Registered Weapon. Don’t be shocked if you don’t recognize us on Monday–all will be revealed then!

FOREVER: We hope you enjoyed the inaugural run of RW Firsts. We’d like to make this a semi-regular feature, so if you’re an artist and you’d like to tackle one, shoot us an email at registeredweaponATgmailDOTcom.