What have we here? Why, it’s the cover to the very first print collection of Registered Weapon, which, the good lord willing, will be in our hands in time for the San Diego Comic-Con. It’s best to think of this book as the limited-edition 7″ single or the show-only CD-R of demos–its purpose is to whet your appetite for the real debut album (that would be The Registered Weapon Casefiles Vol. 1, hopefully coming a year or so from now). Chris and I are planning on handing out a bunch of these to select people at San Diego (more on that in a few weeks) and we may offer it for sale for a limited time (ditto) AND we might give one away to you too, if you’re lucky (more on that on Friday). Just check out everything that’s inside:

–Every Registered Weapon strip to date, including the two Twitter- and mailing list-only bonus strips and the April Fool’s strip, all remastered and finally proofread (“Ukrainian” now spelled correctly)!
–Dave’s initial character sketches!
–Excerpts from Frank and FELIX’s personal journals!
–Pinups by Greg Vagen and Mike Rostron!
–And more!