Howdy Weaponeers-

With “Case #2: Charles Liu”–a great jumping-on point for new readers–starting on Monday, we’re enlisting your help in spreading the authoritative word of Registered Weapon to the uninitiated. Here’s what we need you to do. If you have some friends, siblings, parents, teachers, astronauts, inner demons or whatever that you haven’t bullied into reading the adventures of Frank and FELIX, now is the time to do so. The first 5 readers to get the word out in any of the three ways listed below will receive a free copy of Registered Weapon Volume 1 signed by all of us (sure to be a collector’s item, just like Turok #1 and Superman #75 [please note that RW Vol. 1 does not have a chromium cover and does not come polybagged with a black armband):

1. Email 10 (or more) friends at once while extolling the awesomeness of RW, and CC us at registeredweaponATgmailDOTcom. The body of the email should include a link to the homepage and effusive praise about Felix’s detective skills or Frank’s people skills. Here’s some sample text that you can feel free to adapt:

Hello beloved friends and family-
Judging by the increasingly desperate messages clogging up my voicemail, I’m sure you’ve been wondering why you haven’t heard from me in recent months. Well, the answer couldn’t be simpler: I’ve been immersed in the thrill-a-minute world of Los Angeles homicide detectives FELIX and Frank Gorman, the stars of the brilliant new webcomic Registered Weapon ( Frank’s a bald lunatic with an itchy trigger finger; FELIX is a robot who used to be a cash register. They are my new best friends now. Won’t you join us as their new adventure begins on Monday, July 6? I think you’ll find that Registered Weapon will soon replace your need for food, companionship and basic hygiene.

your parent/child/sibling/friend
p.s. Tell Gramps I’m sorry I missed Nana’s funeral.

2. Blog like blogging crazy about us on your blog. Write a quick post declaring your love to the world about RW with a link to the homepage included. Email a link to registeredweaponATgmailDOTcom for confirmation. Use the ad at the bottom of this post if you want to!

3. Spread the Gospel of FELIX on your favorite messageboard, or tweet us up like some Twittered-out tweeter. And don’t forget to shoot us a link so we know who to thank.

In addition to the books, the Weaponeer who emails the most friends or sends the most visitors our way through a link will get THE ORIGINAL ART FOR AN RW STRIP. So get on it, doggone it!

The RW Comedy-Drama-Violence Machine (similar to the Mystery Machine, but swap bourbon for weed) is revving up to top speed with this next storyline and beyond. There are so many twists, turns, shoot-outs, beatings, jokes and good old-fashioned police work ahead that we can’t wait for you to read the entire saga.


The RW Think Tank (Gardner, Chris and Dave)