Howdy! If you’ve found this page, then you most likely downloaded the free preview of Registered Weapon Case 001 from DriveThru Comics. First of all: Thanks! Second of all: if you’re champing at the bit to continue Frank and FELIX’s pursuit of Joseph Alphonse’s killer, just CLICK HERE to pick up where the preview left off.

Third of all: the preview on DriveThru is just a taste of the boys’ first case, which is itself just a taste of the robo-buddy-cop shenanigans available absolutely free right here at Registered Weapon. To start, there are Cases 002, 003, 004, and 005, each a self-contained murder mystery, with a grander overarching mystery building in the background. Then there are the Police Blotters, the RW Firsts, the downloadable bonus stories…man, you better get to reading. Just go ahead and call in sick. This is more important than your job–I mean, that only brings you money, whereas Registered Weapon brings you laughs, thrills, chills: all the colors of the emotional rainbow. Can you really put a pricetag on that? And wouldn’t getting fired be worth it?

Anyway, we’re currently hard at work on the titanic, game-changing Case 006, as well as a mindblowing super-secret special surprise project. While those are baking to perfection in the RW oven, we’re also serializing a 1940 pulp adventure starring hard-boiled PI “Gorgeous” Francis Gorman, grandfather of Frank (new page this Friday!). And when we get a chance, we’re relettering the early cases to bring them up to the readers’ exacting standards (which is why you might notice a shift in lettering styles halfway through Case 001–it’s an ongoing process). Whew. We’re busy.

To sum up, we truly appreciate you stopping by our corner of the internet and reading Registered Weapon. If you like what you see, rest assured we’re committed to bringing you as much of it as you can stand for years to come. If you don’t, well, at least you didn’t pay anything for it. So take off your coat, set a spell and check out the glory that is Registered Weapon. Here are a few handy links to help you navigate:

CLICK HERE to continue Case 001 where the DriveThru preview left off

CASEFILES: links to every page of RW and dozens of extras

–or take a crash course on the CHARACTERS and CASES.

See ya in the funny papers!

–Gardner, Chris, Dave & Rob