What are the different prizes and rewards you can win in the Plinko Casino Game ?

Plinko Game is a popular casino game that provides players with an exciting and entertaining experience. With its many obstacles and twists, it creates an atmosphere of suspense and luck. One of the most attractive elements of this game is the possibility of winning different prizes and rewards. This article explores the various rewards that can be won in the Plinko Casino Game, highlighting the possibilities available to lucky players. Cash rewards One of the main rewards you can win in the Pli... Read more

Exxon sues Australian gas company

Due to the energy blackout that ravaged Texas a month ago, ExxonMobil Corp has taken Australia’s Macquarie Energy to court for allegedly not fulfilling its part of a contract.  According to the lawsuit, Exxon was unable to meet up the demand because of the snowstorm that swept through Texas, which made the company fail to fulfill its part in a contract with Macquarie energy gas company. If the court rules in favor of Exxon, the company will not be liable for damages that are worth $11.7 million.... Read more