Johnson & Johnson gets FDA approval in the United States

The Johnson & Johnson vaccine has finally received approval from the food and drug administration (FDA) for use as a third vaccine option in the United States. Reaction to the news has been mixed because of its 69% efficacy against the coronavirus. 

The vaccine is one of the first coronavirus vaccine options that can be applied in a single shot. Moderna and Pfizer-Biotech require two doses to be administered.  

The director of the CDC has also approved the Johnson & Johnson vaccine for use 

According to Walensky, the vaccine proved to be effective and safe for use during its test trial. She also said that the vaccine will help the United States ramp up its vaccination attempts in the coming weeks. 

She added that its single-shot dose will also play a huge part in reducing community spread among people. The vaccine can also be stored at normal temperatures and does not require certain special allowances during storage and transportation.

Members of the food and drug administration all voted to approve the drug for use. Additional directions on the age groups that can use the vaccine or its safety for certain ethnic groups were not public. 

Distribution of the Johnson & Johnson vaccines will begin next week 

According to Biden’s administration, the distribution of the Johnson and Johnson vials will commence next week. An expected 3.9 million doses will be distributed across states in the US. The company said it would produce 20million doses by the beginning of April and will supply almost 100 million vials by the end of summer. 

More than 44,000 people of different ethnicities in more than three continents were involved in the trial run. It has a 66.1% efficacy against the coronavirus when the results were analyzed by the FDA. 

When compared to the other vaccines available in the US, its effectiveness against the vaccine is considerably lower. Leading health experts like Dr. Anthony Fauci has reassured the public about its effectiveness.