Design and cost estimate of the house: who to contact?

The construction of a house requires, in addition to the plan, a budget. These are in fact two elements that require the intervention of a professional to support you in the success of your project. In this article, find out some of the people to talk to about designing your home and estimating the price for it.

Single-family home builder

The single-family home builder is a qualified person in housing matters who takes care of everything from designing to getting the key to the house. It offers you two very interesting types of contracts in terms of guarantees. To find out more, click here. This is the Contract for the Construction of a Single-Family House or CCMI for short and for Sale in the state of future completion or VEFA. The second is interested in questions of land sale, apart from construction. Speaking of the guarantees of these two contracts, it concerns, among other things, respect for deadlines, the firm and final price, the ten-year guarantee and work damage insurance.

Project manager or design office

Intervening more in the realization of the project, the project manager or the design office focuses much more on the technique than on the plan itself. Master of his art, he is present in all the processes of the realization of your house and can be limited just to carry out the construction and the estimate or to manage all the work. It acquires a project management contract which highlights its intervention limits and its fees, which vary from 7 to 10% of the total budget required for the entire project. However, it is imperative that these contractors or these design offices be insured, and do not forget to check some models of their former achievements.