How to boost the referencing of your website ?

The natural SEO of a website allows it to increase its visibility and its positioning in the results of search engines. Having a good SEO is a great way to get more visibility on your website and thus generate more traffic. Here are some ideas to boost your website’s SEO.

Adopt responsive design
This is also known as an “adaptive website”. It is a technique for developing a website that adapts to the type of device the user is using to connect. It is a technology that easily integrates with the increase in traffic via mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets, smart TVs or connected watches whose screen sizes vary from one to another. Find out more at user experience is improved and traffic increases.

Reduce your site’s loading time
The choice of websites on the internet is quite large. So users don’t have to waste time waiting for yours to load. Especially if they are using a low-speed connection. It is therefore very important that you think about working on the loading speed of each web page that makes up your site.
In addition, Google penalises websites that are too slow. If your page takes 3 seconds or more to load, you lose almost half of your visitors, which increases the negative bounce rate and causes you to lose positions on the SERPs of search engines. To reduce loading time, consider reducing the weight of the page, especially if it contains photos, videos and other media files.

Optimise your tags and metadata
The meta title, meta description and h1, h2 or h3 tags give the user an idea of the content of your site. Optimise their content so as to make the user want to discover your site. They should be in line with your editorial line, contain indicative action verbs and keywords.

In addition to these tips, you can add others such as: content optimisation, mailing, use of social networks, creation of unique content.