Rare Churchill painting sells for more than $11 million 

The tower of Koutoubia Mosque, a painting that was created by the former prime minister of Britain, Winston Churchill, was recently sold by the Jolie Foundation for more than $11 million. The art is the only painting that was created by Winston Churchill during the second world war. 

The painting was gifted to the former president of America, Franklin Roosevelt, and made its way to Angelina Jolie after her former husband Brad Pitt gifted it to her. The painting features a sunset in Marrakech, Morocco. 

Winston Churchill loved to paint I’m Morocco 

According to reports, the former prime minister loved to paint in Morocco. He was said to have been enchanted with Morocco immediately after he visited the country. Nick Orchard, an art director at Christie’s, said Churchill had repeatedly said that his best paintings were made in Morocco.  

The painting is the most expensive artwork of the former prime minister to be sold. It was initially valued at $3.5 million. The painting was gifted to Angelina Jolie by her former husband in 2011. 

The tower of Koutoubia Mosque was gifted to Roosevelt in 1943 after a war meeting that took place in Morocco. It is said that Churchill convinced Roosevelt to join him in observing the Morocco skyline, which he immortalized in the painting. 

Tower of Koutoubia Mosque is regarded as a sign of agreement between the two world leaders 

According to reports, the painting also symbolizes the agreement that was made between the two presidents during their private meeting in Morocco. They both agreed to consider only an “unconditional surrender” from Germany, Japan, and Italy during the war. 

According to a museum owner, Churchill gifted the painting to Roosevelt because he respected and regarded him highly. The painting also symbolizes the joining of America and Britain in defeating the Nazis.

The painting is usually regarded as one of Churchill’s greatest works because of the period it was painted, the subject manner, and the deeper meaning behind the painting.