Some of the coldest countries in the US

You hear most of your relatives talking about how cold it is in some countries in the United States. But you don’t know which ones we’re really talking about. Indeed, several countries have been affected by the cold weather. If you want to get an idea of the coldest countries in the US, don’t forget to read this article. It gives you a list of some of the countries affected.



The United States is a specific unit of countries in terms of climatic situation. For more information, try these out and you won’t be disappointed. Nestled in the northwestern part of the Canadian nation, this country is the largest of the United States of America. Populated by a large population, this state is famous for its varied landscape and large spatial composition. With a large forest and densely populated wildlife, this nation has a very subtle and specific climatic situation. Temperatures have dropped to -28.1°C. This climatic condition has greatly influenced all seasons of the country and even social and economic movements.



Located in the western part of the United States, this country has a large spatial extent and an invaluable wealth of demography. Well known around the world for its large lakes and countless snow-capped peaks, it has been primarily impacted by its topography. With a climatic condition dominated by the drop in temperature (-42.6°), the economic activities of its farmers have been influenced. Only in the months of July and August, the activities have a good turn.


Still known as the Rocky Mountain State, Idaho is a state located in the northwestern part of the United States.  Noted for its country skills and waterfalls, it is well suited for winter sports activities. Thanks to its considerable demographic situation, this American state has risen to the sixth position of the American states. With a temperature of -44° Celsius, the farmers in the Idaho region are only able to work in June and September.