Tips for finding your lost dog

The cohabitation between dog and man is a long-standing love story. This animal is so important that its disappearance does not leave its owner indifferent. It even complicates his daily life. This article lists a few steps that can help you find your lost dog. 

Why can your dog get lost?

Identification is the safest way to ensure that your dog is found if it gets lost. However, not all dogs are marked. You can find more info in this article. When you move, for example, since your home is new, this can lead to the loss of the animal. Also, dogs are curious animals. This curiosity can lead him to follow a stranger or a service provider who comes to work in your home. Similarly, if they feel threatened, they may run away. 

What to do when your faithful friend disappears?

It has been shown that you have a maximum of twelve hours from the time you miss your dog to find him. This means that you should not delay. The first thing to do is to put out a wanted poster. There are platforms where you can provide information about the animal. You can also put up posters with an up-to-date photo of the animal in high-traffic areas. Also take the information to anyone who might find it. Go from house to house and ask the neighbours. Don’t forget to look for him in the most uncharted places. It is possible that, because of fear, he will take refuge in a corner of the house. Find quiet moments and shout its name to see if it responds. Repeat the operation several days in a row and, above all, pay attention to the slightest signs of the dog. You can also place one of your favourite clothes or toys where you last saw it. This may attract it. 

Once the animal has been found, do not forget to deactivate the ad on the search platforms. Don’t let yourself be cheated in your search.